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SOUL YIN TOUCH Thai Yoga Retreat - Bodywork & Yin Yoga TTC

Bali, Ubud : 27 July - 4 August, 2024

Bali, Ubud : 27 July - 4 August, 2024

SOUL YIN TOUCH Thai Yoga Retreat - Bodywork & Yin Yoga TTC

Embrace Presence & Awareness

What's unique about this retreat?

  • The Soul is touched with a diverse combination of spiritual practices (YIN Yoga, Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork/Massage) 
  • Practice in one of the most beautiful and lush retreat centers in Bali
  • Eat supreme veggy food home made by Gaia's kitchen stuff 
  • Be guided by highly skilled and experienced teachers


  • learn simple tools to de-stress and relax the mind 
  • activate the physical body with a diverse offer of spiritual practices (YIN Yoga, Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork/Massage) & excursions into nature (Hiking/Beach etc)
  • gain more clarity - better decision making
  • Experience nature in a authentic way by practicing every day in front of a breath takinf scenery of lush green
  • Nourish your soul with organic food, singing circles & community
  • For Yoga Teachers/Holistic Professionals: Learn how to touch with pure presence & awareness and incorporate a new skill into your practice & classes
  • Receive 2 certificates in one Training - SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials & YIN Yoga TTC (for those who wanted to take it as a CPD for Yoga Teachers)

What’s the purpose of the SOUL YIN TOUCH Essentials Retreat? 

Being 100% present is very rare these days. Our attention capacity diminished in our daily life drastically, which has also an effect on human to human connection as a whole and therefore on our well-being and the immune system. Stress levels may raise, and we are more susceptible of feeling anxious, angry, and eating unhealthy food.

The SOUL YIN TOUCH Retreat was developed to raise presence & awareness with oneself, another & the surrounding nature. Using the practices of Yin Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork, stress levels may be released and peace is invited back into our lives.

Excursions to a wonderful place in nature and healthy, ecological food from Gaia Retreat Center are offered in order to connect to nature and stimulate all your senses.

Once feeling more balanced again, we can offer more awareness to the food we eat, to the movement our body is asking for, with whom we want to spend time with, the work we want to concentrate on, and the life we really want to live.

Going back to basics and practice being present & aware offers the support to connect back to your essence, your true nature.

The SOUL YIN TOUCH Essentials Retreat is a re-awakening of all the senses:

  • touching from your heart
  • listening with pure presence
  • seeing another with the eyes of compassion
  • smelling nature in its purity
  • tasting food consciously with pure pleasure

A beautiful journey back to an ‘human being’ rather than a ‘human doing’.


SOUL YIN TOUCH is a fusion of a unique Bodywork modality, called SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork and YIN Yoga.

No matter if in between family members, friends or couples, to gift someone else with your attention and pure presence is already healing in many ways.

Through Bodywork & Yin Yoga, we relearn to just be, and actively listen, to give oneself and another the feeling to be heard, to be seen and to offer care from the heart.

The learnings of the SOUL YIN Touch Retreat can be adapted into your daily life, for instance:

  • the way we physically approach others
  • the way we communicate to others
  • the way we respond rather than react, remaining in our center, no matter what occurs.
  • what food our body is asking for
  • understanding more the natural connection in between human to human and human to nature
  • creating inner contentment with the healing power of being in a safe community

The healing power reveals through conscious touch, more so than simply applying  technique. Technique comes with experience, but the lasting nourishing effect is due to the care and presence you are able to offer. In the SOUL IN TOUCH method we practice a soft, gentle, at the same time profound touch. A touch that consists of pure presence and awareness, the hand melts in the other and starts to become one.

As we would ask for permission to enter into someone’s space or body, that’s where touch becomes meaningful, with a memorable blue print. A co-created healing space where the feeling of oneness unfolds organically.

This may sound an unachievable task, but you will be amazed how fast you will be able to practice to touch consciously, and incorporate this quality into your daily life.

Conscious Touch is the oldest existing healing power of humanity, we just need to come back into the feeling body.

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat - a co-creation of Marco & Mickey

Marco & Mickey are two Yogis, both with Italian roots, who love to teach and study spiritual practices. They met physically the first time in August 2023 in Bali and taught the SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork Course in Ubud together. Having felt mutually a beautiful connection, they decided to fuse both of their passion of Bodywork and YIN Yoga together, and SOUL YIN TOUCH was born.

We’re very happy to offer this SOUL YIN TOUCH Retreat together and share our passion for Bodywork & Yin Yoga.

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat – at Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali

Under the slogan ‘presence & awareness’ we practice with joy, fusing elements of Yin Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, Qi Gong, Singing, Breathing and of course SOUL IN TOUCH Thai Yoga Massage into our daily schedule. To experience the beauty of Bali, we will visit the Monkey Forest, exploring the massive and wise trees, to connect to nature in a unique way. 

Be in community

We ‘humans’ are made to be in community. Experience the beauty of practicing with someone else, sing together, and enjoy yourself in a loving and safe environment, while having the freedom also to be with yourself.

For whom is the SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat?

SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat is for all those, who would like to reinvite the practice of being aware of oneself, another and their surroundings, and want to be more present in their daily life with their loved ones, friends & colleagues. You don’t need to have any previous experience in Yoga, Qi Gong or Bodywork, you could be just curious to explore a forgotten quality of humanity.

This Yoga Retreat in Bali is also for you if you are seeking for a deep sense of self connection and deeper connection to not just the body connection, but really a nurturing of the soul.

If you already work in the holistic field and/or have the intention of becoming a professional Bodyworker, this course prepares to enter into the SOUL IN TOUCH Academy, which starts in January 2025 in Tenerife. In case you are a 200 h Yoga Teacher Graduate, the Yin Yoga part of this Retreat can be taken as well as a Teacher Training, and qualifies with additional online hours to teach YIN Yoga.


SOUL YIN TOUCH Yoga Retreat – at Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali


  • Feel pure presence & awareness deep from within through the practice of Yin Yoga & SOUL IN TOUCH
  • Connect to your self first, so you can connect & be present with others
  • Learn the essence of Qi Gong & how this beautiful practice prepares us for the Bodywork practice as well as for the Yin Yoga practice not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Yin & Yang Principals and elements from Chinese Medicine will be part of the course
  • Certificate from IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) & Yoga Alliance (for Yoga Teachers)
  • Meeting like minded people & getting nourished by each other

8 days of guided practices
8 Nights Accommodation in a beautiful Retreat Center in Ubud
Daily delicious organic breakfast, lunch & dinner


07:30 – 8:45 Guided Qi Gong/YogaQiFlow/Qi Exploration*
08:45 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:40 – 13:00 SOUL IN TOUCH Bodywork practice/Chanting*
13:00 – 14:45 Lunch, Free Time
14:45 – 18:00 YIN Yoga**
18:00 – 19:30 Dinner & Chats 
19:30 – 20:30 Yin Yoga**
20:30 Rest, noble silence until 10:00

The program starts 27th July at 11.30 with an Opening Circle and ends 4th August after breakfast. 
Check out at 12.00 pm. Schedule subject to change.
*these sessions are guided by Marco Bartoloemo & **these sessions are guided by Mickey Space

Villa Gaia, Jl. Sriwedari no.5, Br Tegallantang, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Book with your Partner/Friend (2 people)

from  US$1849 to US2049 / price per person

Master Suite (4 People) | Shared Room (2 People) 

Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)
Bathroom en suite
Healthy Full Board Meals (1-3 x daily)


US$ 1599 | US$1949 | US$2149 / price per person

Non Residential | Master Suite (4 People) | Shared Room (2 People) 

Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)
Bathroom en suite (only for residential)
Healthy Full Board Meals (1-3 x daily)

Namaste, my name is Marco and I’m an Italian from Munich who is passionate about sports and their meditative aspects. Growing up in Germany I became an avid soccer player and finished my professional formation as an industrial clerk. My life has taken an unexpected turn when I decided to leave my corporate job and step out of my comfort zone in order to discover my true purpose in life. This search led me to Thailand where I studied Thaï Yoga Massage and to San Diego where I studied Holistic Health, Bodywork, Yoga & Qi Gong.

Fusing them all together I created a bodywork healing therapy called SOUL IN TOUCH and a signature style yoga called YogaQiFlow. Today I am a Holistic Health Professional, Bodyworker, Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher and travel the world to teach courses sharing my healing gift and guide people towards discovering the inner power within themselves and re-connecting to their natural being.

Get to know my Co-teacher Mickey Space

World explorer, Mickey has spent much time traveling India and Thailand amongst his many destinations and has studied Yoga from several inspiring teacher worldwide. With a journey of yoga of nearly 30 years, In 2007 he graduated with a 900 hour in depth teachers diploma at Gita International and has been teaching classes professionally and running in-depth retreats ever since. His style is eclectic due to his diverse experience and background, incorporating all the aspects of Yoga in a class, will challenge students physically, educate them anatomically and inspire them spiritually, always with a sense of lightness, humor and joy. Discover all about Mickey on his Instagram.


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