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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Yoga Thaï Massage: The Beauty of Bodywork

The term BODYWORK consists of two words: Body and work. And the ancient tradition of yoga thai massage is a perfect example of what that essentially means.

Bodywork means to work with your body in order to support someone’s well being. However, with my way of practicing bodywork, I touch not just the physical bodies, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This practice goes far beyond of your ability to see or touch, and is energetically a wonderful experience.

In yoga thai massage we are not treating a symptom, we support each individual in finding the root cause and support the healing process, choosing from different healing modalities and most importantly by being present with someone.

This Thai Yoga Massage course changed my life forever

In 2012, my own transformational journey started in the magical land of LAHU Village in north Thailand, Chiang Mai.

I studied Thai Yoga Massage with the Sunshine Network and the Asokananda lineage. My teacher in the village, Itzhak Helman became not just my teacher, but also my dear brother and colleague. I became so fascinated by this ancient healing form, that I missed my flight back to Europe and stayed in Thailand/Cambodia instead, to study and practice for another 4 months.

Yoga Thai Massage had already had such an impact on me and my whole life that in the same year, I decided to study Bodywork professionally and moved to San Diego (USA) for 3 years, where I studied Holistic Health, many different Bodywork techniques, Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Yoga at IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork) & The Soul of Yoga.

In 2015, I went to the famous Thai Massage Circus, one of the most important Thai Massage Courses worldwide, to attend a one month advanced Yoga Thai Massage course, that combines osteopathic techniques. After five years of more practice and teaching my own courses, I was invited in 2020 to the Thai Massage Circus as a teacher, to share the wisdom of Thai Massage, Yoga & Qi Gong with my students.

No matter if on the mat or on the table, SOUL IN TOUCH Bodywork blends the magic of Yoga Thai Massage with the somatic Bodywork of Sensory Re-patterning, and fusing as well elements of Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, TCM and other bodywork techniques that I have studied along my life path.

Yoga Thai Massage – the ancient way of holistic healing

Massage and yoga are invaluable partners on the path to a life of health and well being.

The technique and tradition of Thai Massage originated from India around the year 550 BC, eventually making the way through Thailand and China.

It is now found operating in companionship with our modern Western Clinical techniques, namely Osteopathy & Sensory Repatterning, making Thai Massage an invaluable partner to any body-hygiene or movement practice, in particular Yoga.

Thai Massage and Yoga meet where the awareness and refinement of the body’s more subtle systems take place. No other modality of massage works better to refine and deepen understanding of your body, mind and soul. As you begin to develop and experience a consistent level of self-care in your life, you and your yoga practice will flourish!

Become a Yoga Thai Massage Practitioner and support others in their healing process!

Over the past years and based on all my knowledge and experience I gained in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India and USA, I have created my own unique style of Yoga Thai Massage, called SOUL IN TOUCH Thai Yoga Bodywork.

I found a beautiful way to enrich the Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, which is also called ‘Nuad Boran’, meaning ‘Ancient Healing Touch’. I honor my teachers and the tradition at any moment and felt the calling to start my own style, creating a soft & loving but at the same time deep and powerful way of treating humans.

Blending different healing arts together, such as elements from Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Dynamic Thai & ‘Sensory Repatterning’, which affects directly the nervous system, encouraging Qi (Energy) to flow freely throughout the body, mind, and nourishing the soul.

We cultivate visual intention, rhythmic pacing, receptivity and sensitivity, and adapt to each individual wave, generating a feeling of moving timelessness into space.

The ultimate goal is to support the self-healing process of each individual letting them feel held and supported, creating an atmosphere where we can just be and heal, hence becoming present & aware to what is.



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Thai Yoga Bodywork

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