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Qi Gong

Chi exercises & natural remedy

Qi Gong exercises - get an idea

Understanding what is Qi Gong only by reading about it is going to be difficult – much like understanding what it is like to feel the sun on your skin only by reading about it. So if you feel attracted to this art in any way, I encourage you to simply give it a ‘GO’.

To give you an idea what it looks like, I recommend watching this short video of Qi Gong exercises.

SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork

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SOUL IN TOUCH is much more than a bodywork modality, it’s a life style, a choice to be conscious about oneself, the surroundings nature and another. 

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What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong has it’s origin in China and goes back about 5000 years.

To answer the question ‘What Is Qi Gong’, we simply need to take a look at the meaning behind these two words:

“Qi” means vital energy or life force and is found in every living being on the planet: plants, humans & animals.

“Gong” means to work or to be skilled with something. Putting them together, we can understand it’s about “the skill art of moving Qi or the mastery of moving vital energy in your body” for physical and mental well being.

Different physical Qi Gong exercises are performed  to enhance ‘Qi Flow’ in the body, calm down the mind and nourish the soul.

What is Qi Gong to me personally?

My own Qi Gong journey started 2012 in LAHU Village (Northern Thailand).

Qi Gong was offered as a preparation for the Thai Yoga Massage practice to feel our own Life Force Energy in order to eventually feel someone else’s.

After this course, I went to study more Qi Gong & Tai Chi in San Diego (CA) at College, also for improving my body mechanics and become more present and aware for my Bodywork practice.

After practicing and studying for many years, I deepened my Qi Gong studies in 2019 with a Qi Gong Teacher Training in Bali, diving also deeper into the vastness knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Qi Gong has brought more presence, self awareness, balance and love into my Life and practice as a whole, I’m infinitely grateful for. Qi Gong plays a major role in my style of Yoga and Bodywork and is part of my daily routine.

Today, I live and work in Tenerife where I teach, train and treat people from around the world with my own unique composition of Qi Gong, Yoga and Bodywork: SOUL IN TOUCH Bodywork.

Want to become a SOUL IN TOUCH practitioner yourself? For more info click here.

What is Qi Gong and why should we practice it?

This healing art can benefit your well being in many ways.

Learning the basics will support you on a long term to feel the invisible, and therefore becoming more present, and aware of your own self and your surrounding.

So what is Qi Gong and how does it impact your body, mind and spirit?

By intentionally moving ‘Qi’ (energy) through your body, you activate your life force and healing energies in all your body parts and free up stagnant energy, that may be responsible for physical, mental or emotional imbalances that you experience.

Commonly reported benefits of practicing Qi Gong are

  • lowers stress levels
  • increases ability to focus and concentrate
  • reduces anxiety
  • increases awareness of body, mind and emotions –.> clear vision
  • improves balance and flexibility



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Qi Gong

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