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SOUL IN TOUCH – origen & outlook

SOUL IN TOUCH is much more than a bodywork modality, it’s a life style, a choice to be conscious about oneself, the surroundings nature and another. 

I’d like to share the origin of SOUL IN TOUCH, where the roots come from, and how I developed this method as well as how it has changed over the years, and an outlook of SOUL IN TOUCH in the future.

SOUL IN TOUCH is much more than a bodywork modality, it’s a life style, a choice to be conscious about oneself, the surroundings nature and another. 

I’d like to share the origin of SOUL IN TOUCH, where the roots come from, and how I developed this method as well as how it has changed over the years, and an outlook of SOUL IN TOUCH in the future.

SOUL IN TOUCH – origen & outlook

The origin of SOUL IN TOUCH

Before immersing myself into spiritual practices I was a Sales Manager & Recruitment Consultant in Munich, recruiting Medical Doctors for the pharmaceutical industry. By interviewing Medical Doctors, I got superficial knowledge of the human body and curiosity to learn more. While working in the Recruitment company, my friend and colleague Lisa, brought me to my first Yoga Class and therefore the initiation into spiritual practices. The Yoga practice awakened something within me – it was clear that I wanted to change something in my life. 

I took the decision to leave the co-operate business world and opened an agency to offer language holidays in south America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile) and organize social projects to support the local community, especially in Argentina. I felt free with my new way of life and was excited to travel, but still didn’t feel inner fulfillment. 

After having established a good foundation with my language schools, I returned from south America to Germany. I continued with the agency, but deep within I felt lost, which was like a catalysator for another huge shift in my life. 

I went deeper into the practice of Yoga and Meditation, served my local community in form of joining the local football team and guide young players. I was serving without expecting anything in return, but I got a lot in return; to trust the unknown and to follow my gut feeling. 

Being in the process of reflection I stumbled over a Yoga Book, called The Heart of the Yoga from Max Storm. This book, paired with the Yoga & Meditation I practiced as well as serving the football team, initiated a reflection process, which brought me back to the past. With age 15, I gave my family sometimes massages and they always said I should do something related to massage because of my great touch.

Being already into yoga, I had the idea to type “yoga massage” into google, and Thai Yoga Massage popped up. Following my intuition, I clicked intuitively a link and found the Sunshine Network in Chiang Mai Thailand. Their approach was exactly what I needed at that time – being part of a safe community and touch each other with presence and awareness to heal in a co-created space. Five days later I was sitting in a plane and found myself in a special village, called LAHU, which should transform my life forever. What we lived was simplicity. The joy of human connection, combined with conscious touch, yoga, qi gong, singing mantras, excursions in nature, simple organic vegetarian food was deeply transformative. This course taught me, that all I need in order to be happy & healthy is great souls around me, healthy food as well as giving and receiving presence in form of conscious touch.

While reading part of my life story, you probably noticed a lot of change, and adapting to what I felt at any given moment. Exactly that is SOUL IN TOUCH in the first step: To raise presence & awareness within oneself to follow a feeling deep from within. Only with coming back into the ‘Feeling Body’ possibilities of change to occur come into consideration, and finally into action. 

If we adapt those principals into the actual SOUL IN TOUCH Bodywork practice, we notice similarity.
Once developed presence and awareness within oneself, the receiver’s organism will feel your presence and care you dedicate and may open up for the possibility of change, the possibility of healing. Within that presence for another soul, we sharpen the ability to listen and create a type of communication, that goes beyond the physical body. All what we offer is a co-created space where we meet to support another’s healing process.

SOUL IN TOUCH connects humans naturally and provides a safe space to be as we truly are.


From 2019-2023 I taught a 8-Day SOUL IN TOUCH Thaï Yoga Bodywork Course. This course was mostly for people, who were already in the holistic field (Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Energy Healers etc). This comprehensive training was taught as an intensive one, which was great, but also demanding. I felt the calling of restructuring SOUL IN TOUCH and offer this modality as a tool for anyone to raise presence & awareness.


The idea was to design a basic SOUL IN TOUCH THAÏ YOGA BODYWORK COURSE, to learn first more about how to be present with oneself and another, before going into more difficult bodywork poses and techniques. One of the magical ingredients of the SOUL IN TOUCH method is the Qi Gong practice, which is kind of a movement mediation, allowing to come into the presence while teaching body mechanics as well as a deep sense of the body itself. During the last decade practicing, I recognized that the most powerful healing tool is the ability to be present with another human being and can’t be substituted by anything else.


A statistic in Germany is saying, “every 4th German habitant is lonely these days and doesn’t receive enough touch in their lives”. It’s scientifically proven that the immune system is weaker if not receiving human touch.

Being 100% present is very rare these days. Our attention capacity diminished in our daily life drastically, which has also an effect on human to human & human to nature connection as a whole and therefore on our well-being. Stress levels may raise, and we are more susceptible of feeling anxious, angry, and eating unhealthy food.

Because of the lack of touch in our society it was clear for me to develop a beginner massage course, that teaches the basic principles of touch, that may support human beings in well-being. It provides a safe space to connect to like-minded people and share each other’s presence.

SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials Course

The SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials Course was developed to raise presence & awareness with oneself, another & the surrounding nature. Using the practices of Yoga, Qi Gong & Bodywork, stress levels may be released and peace is invited back into our lives.
Ecological food from the finca or surroundings farmers are offered in order to connect to nature and stimulate all your senses.
Once feeling more balanced again, we can offer more awareness to the food we eat, to the movement our body is asking for, with whom we want to spend time with, the work we want to concentrate on, and the life we really want to live.
Going back to basics and practice being present & aware offers the support to connect back to your essence, your true nature.

When I look at the natural development of SOUL IN TOUCH, it’s clearly noticeable the parallels to the transformative experience from my first Thai Yoga Massage Course in Thailand. In the end I can only teach out of my personal experience and practice. 

See an overview of the next SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials Courses.

Outlook of SOUL IN TOUCH

The SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials Course is beneficial for anyone. In my opinion, learning how to touch properly and being 100% present with someone should be taught at school. To be present with a friend or business partner is a quality in life I’d like to share. Offering your full attention to someone else is something precious. Exactly that is addressed in the SOUL IN TOUCH Essentials Course. To be present with someone else in the massage practice will help to bring presence into all aspects of life. 

For all those, who have completed the Essentials or any other 8 day SOUL IN TOUCH Course with me are qualifying for the SOUL IN TOUCH ACADEMY, which will open their doors in 2025!
Other Thai Massage Practitioners, who have completed courses with my dear brothers Itzhak Helman, Pau Castellsague or Arnaud L’Hermitte are invited to join as well.

SOUL IN TOUCH is a unique bodywork modality which deserves the attention and professionalism from talented practitioners. I usually ask to send a motivation letter to get a feeling why someone wanted to study bodywork and particularly SOUL IN TOUCH. In addition a personal chat will show if it’s the right fit for both to enter into the Academy.

The Academy will be an intimate setting with a max of 10 students, supporting each other on a unique healing and learning journey for 1 year. We are planning to offer 3-4 Modules offline and a few topics also online, like anatomy, physiology and body psychology.

The Academy will consist out of mat & table based courses, all courses 10-14 days long. I aim for a certification program of 500-600 hs to become a SOUL IN TOUCH Bodywork Practitioner. Qi Gong & Tai Chi as well as YogaQiFlow will play a major role in the training. This Academy will cover a vast spectrum of different bodywork modalities such as Thai Massage, Sensory Repatterning, elements of Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and much more. 

For more information about the Academy please add yourself below. Let’s bring together more presence & awareness into the universe with the power of SOUL IN TOUCH.

Much love & Qi,

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