Yoga Holiday Sicily

Yoga Holiday Sicily - Sicilian Food, Excursions - Yoga, Qi Gong, & Thai Massage - 12 - 18 June, 2023

6 Day Yoga Holiday in one of the most beautiful places in sicily - Taormina

I want to invite you to a Yoga Holiday full of Fun, Joy and Happiness.

Sicily is a special land for me, being half Sicilian I partly grew up in Sicily and till today having family there. I’m very happy, that after 5 years, to offer again a Yoga Holiday in Sicily:)

A diverse program with Yoga, Qi Gong, Thai Massage & excursions to the vulcano Etna, boat tour beach Yoga and much more is waiting for you and of course enough time to rest and to explore Sicily and the interesting culture. Come alone or with your friend or family member and leave with many friends and experience the unique feeling of being in a safe community and having fun altogether.

Yoga Holiday Italy – Sicily, Taormina

This Yoga Holiday in Sicily is designed to awaken your inner child again, allowing you to just be and to leave stress behind. Under the slogan ‘Yoga brings happiness’ we practice with joy, fusing elements of Yoga, Qi Gong, Singing, Breathing, Thai Massage and much more into our daily schedule. To experience the beauty of Sicily, we will enjoy daily Yoga & Qi Gong classes, and Thaï Massage Workshops as well as visiting the famous Vulcano Etna, going on a fun boat tour and eating authentic Sicilian yummy food, and much more:) 


We ‘humans’ are made to be in community. Experience the beauty of practicing with someone else. There will be plenty of free and beach time for yourself, to relax and just be:)

Morning Yoga & Qi Gong

Begin your day by listening with care to your body and mind. We start in the morning with either pure Qi Gong or YogaQiFlow (Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Qi Gong blend), blanacing Yin & Yang energies, and cultivating inner contentment.

Afternoon Classes & Workshops: Yoga Qi Flow & Thai Massage

I am happy to share in the afternoons either YogaQiFlow classes or Thai Massage Workshops.  Touch is such a powerful way of healing, and we will learn in a simple way, how to touch with meaning, giving and receiving Conscious Touch.

Planned group Excursions 

We invite you to discover the earth energy in form of the famous Etna vulcano, as well as going on a boat trip, and enjoying a typical home made Sicilian Food restaurant:)

Example schedule

08:00 Morning Practices (YogaQiFlow/Qi Gong)
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Free Time/Beach/Excursions
17:00 Yogaqiflow/ Thai Massage Workshops (giving & receiving)
19:00 Dinner
20:30 eve activity (chanting Mantras, Meditation, energy healing etc)
*The program starts 12th June at 18.00 with an Opening Circle and at 19.00 Dinner. The program ends at 18th June after breakfast. Check out at 10.00 am

What’s included?

5 x Morning Practices (YogaQiFlow & Qi Gong)
5 x Afternoon Classes or Workshops
4 x excursions (Etna, Boat Tour, Beach Yoga and Sicilian Bar Visit, Visiting of authentic Sicilian Restaurant, evtl Hike depending on tem;perature)
6 Nights of accommodation in a shared room

4 x Brunch; 2 x Breakfast; 5 x Dinner



Airport pick up 

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valid till 26 Feb 2023
  • Morning YogaQiFlow & Qi Gong Classes
  • Afternoon Classes & Thaï Massage Workshops
  • Shared Accommodation (2 people)
  • Daily Healthy Sicilian Brunch & Dinner

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Please drop me your Mobile Phone Number, and I'll call you back to talk about the Yoga Holiday in Sicily, all the details, payment methods, and other questions you may have. Looking forward talking to you:) Namaste, Marco