Soul in Touch
Touch beyond
the physical body

Certified Bodywork/Massage Course

11 - 20 August, 2023

Villa Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali

Qi Gong & YogaQiFlow

Become an outstanding
Thaï Yoga Massage Practitioner

...and experience the beauty to enter into the mystic 'Unknown'

Soul in Touch

Experience the shift from alpha into theta brain waves

Innovative approach

Yogaqiflow, Qi Gong & Bodywork are connected


Be inspired by each other and grow together

Qi Gong

Feel the essence of an ancient healing art

Certificate IPHM

Become a holistic Thaï Yoga Massage Practitioner

Hi, I’am Marco Bartolomeo.

back in 2012 I went to my first Thai Yoga Massage Course in the jungle of northern Thailand, where I studied with several teachers, diving deeper into the world of Yoga & Thai Massage. Fascinated by the art of ancient healing touch, I travelled to San Diego (CA) to study Holistic Health, Bodywork , Yoga & Qi Gong at IPSB Collage.


Fusing them all together, I developed my own style of bodywork healing therapy called “Soul in Touch”, I love to share. I also created my signature style Yoga, called YogaQiFlow, a unique blend of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Qi Gong, following a spiritual approach, to allow the inner teacher to become alive. I like to support each of my students to get inspired by their own presence, and unite the softness (YIN) with the strength (YANG) we all hold in us.

Why joining?

Most people book a Thai Massage Course thinking they want to learn how to massage and leave with much more than that

Do you know the feeling, when all seems to be ‘ok’, but somehow you feel stuck in Life?

Or you might feel anxious, stressed about life and you don’t really know what to do?

You feel it’s time for change but you just don’t know where to start?

Or are you just curious to go far beyond the physical body, feeling the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well?

Great, you came to the right place!

When I went to my first Thaï Massage Course at LAHU Village in Thailand, I was kind of lost, suffering from anxiety attacks, was stressed out and hoping that Thaï Massage could offer me a fresh start. What attracted me to this course was not the massage techniques, but the offer to embark onto a journey of self discovery, to observe without judgement and connect in a natural environment to nature and other humans.

After this Course I felt like a different human, rejuvenated, full of energy and purpose. In my example I got the answer to my question: “Why am I here for?” I’m here to be at service, at service to myself and others. 

To touch far beyond the physical body means to touch consciously with presence and awareness. All of that and much more we will explore together, and entering into the mystic unknown.

who is this course for?

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What will you learn/receive?

This Thai Yoga Bodywork Course will not just teach you how to give a 90 min Full Body Thai Yoga Bodywork Session, but also how to connect to your self first, so you can connect & be present with others

Learn the essence of Qi Gong & how this beautiful practice teaches us body mechanics for the Bodywork practice as well as bringing us into the present moment

Qi Gong & YogaQiFlow will prepare you for the Bodywork Practice, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Yin & Yang Principals and elements from Chinese Medicine will be part of the course

You will receive

My full presence & personalised support throughout the whole course

Certificate from IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) 

You will receive a feeling of being in a like minded community 🙂

How is this Bodywork Training different from others? ​

More than just a different bodywork form, Soul in Touch unites energetic & relaxing moments
and balances YIN & YANG energies we all hold within us.

This unique meditative practice is like a beautiful dance, that increases presence and awareness,
awakens the inner guide, and creates space to release emotions.

In this way of treating, we co-create a space of healing, leaving alpha/beta brain waves and entering into delta/theta where self healing sources can be accessed. We enter in a space, where control doesn’t exist anymore and the both giver and receiver entering into a space of timelessness and bliss.

Soul in Touch consists of different Bodywork Techniques – Thaï Massage, elements of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as well as Sensory Repatterning, a unique Somatic Bodywork experience.

So I have created a space for professionals to get inspired not just by the innovative course content,
but also by each other and getting to know themselves on a deeper level.

A recommendation from Nuria, Switzerland

how the schedule looks like?

here an example for you 🙂

  • 07:30 – 9:30 Guided Qi Gong & Yoga Qi Flow/Vinyasa practice
  • 09:30 – 10:30 Breakfast
  • 10:30 – 14:00 Qi Exploration, Chanting, Thai Bodywork practice
  • 14:00 – 15:30 Lunch
  • 15:30 – 19:00 Thai Bodywork practice
  • 19:00 – 20:30 Dinner & Chats 
  • 20:30 – 21:00 Evening Activity (such as, Meridian Healing, Exploring Qi, Restorative/Yin Yoga, etc)
  • 22:00 Rest & till 11:00 of the next day silence

The program starts 11th August at 17.00 with an Opening Circle and ends 20th August after breakfast.
Check out at 12.00 pm. Schedule subject to change.

what else you will get?

where and when it will take place?

Villa Gaia Retreat Center, Ubud, Bali
11-20 August, 2023

Gaia Retreat Center is nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud.

The view from the villa is quintessential Bali. Think swaying palm trees, therapeutic breeze, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away.
The grand entrance of Villa Gaia opens up to marble and teak wood that has 8 bedrooms, on-site massage room, far infrared sauna, soft hot tub jacuzzi and semi open dining area overlooking the rice terraces of Bali.
Our private beautiful chlorine-free pool and sun-loungers are positioned to view and soothe, the body and mind.

You can take a leisurely 15 minute stroll to the town center of Ubud and discover a vast array of markets, plant based restaurants, Balinese local warungs (cafes) and a plethora of spas and yoga studios.

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali’s main international airport, is just 90 minutes away from Gaia retreat center, making it a relaxing destination to travel to.

Get started now! Price options


valid till 26 Feb 2023
  • Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)
  • Master Suite (4 People)
  • Bathroom en suite
  • Healthy Full Board Meals (3 x daily)


valid till 26 Feb 2023
  • Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)
  • Shared Room (2 People)
  • Bathroom en suite
  • Healthy Full Board Meals (3 x daily)


valid till 26 Feb 2023
  • Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)
  • Terrace Suite - Delux
  • Bathroom en suite
  • Healthy Full Board Meals (3 x daily)


valid till 26 Feb 2023
  • Full Course (Incl Manual & Excursions)

What is included?

What is NOT included?

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to reach Gaia Retreat Centrer?

A: We do have 4 pick ups arranged, depending when the majority of the people arrive. In case you can’t make it to those dates, you can also just take a Taxi on the airport to Gaia Retreat Center.

Q: Can I take the course even if I haven’t had any experience with Massage or Bodywork?

A: Yes you can. This course is suitable for beginners, but also professionals, who want to study something different or widen their portfolio.

how to book your space?

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Please drop me your Mobile Phone Number, and I'll call you back to talk about the Course details, payment methods, dietary and other questions you may have. Looking forward talking to you:) Namaste, Marco


+34 610 87 35 08


Any questions, please feel free to text me anytime. I usually have a personal chat with everyone, who books on the course.
Looking forward hearing from you, Marco 🙂