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YogaQiFlow Schedule in Los Cristianos

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What is YogaQiFlow?

In the traditional yoga philosophy, the ‘yoga asana’ is practiced to prepare the body for meditation. Qi Gong on the other hand is already a movement meditation itself. Marco has found a unique way to combine these two ancient healing arts, Yoga & Qi Gong, to develop more presence and awareness and to experience your practice from the ‘observer’, of body, mind and soul. By observing ourselves, we can find acceptance to what is, leading eventually to accept the constant change we experience in daily life. YogaQiFlow creates a strong foundation through the lower part of the body, so we can express grace through the upper part of the body and move as we truly feel at any given moment. YogaQiFlow is a divine way of self expression through movement, a dance of YIN & YANG, a self care tool for bringing your energetic body into balance and heal from within. YogaQiFlow brings a balanced mix of energetic and relaxing moments into your practice.

Marco's Yoga History

Marco started to practice Yoga in 2009 and was fascinated how Yoga touched his heart in a soft, yet powerful way. The combination of conscious movement and breath, combined with mantras broke his shell on the outside and touched his heart softly from the inside. In 2012 he discovered in a Thai Yoga Massage Course ‘Qi Gong’ and was fascinated by the healing power of this ancient healing art. Since then he started to blend both healing traditions together, creating his signature style, what we know today as YogaQiFlow. In 2013 he started his professional Formation to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, studying for 6 months at the Yoga Institute ‘Soul of Yoga‘ in Encinitas (CA/USA). Keeping the connection with his heart, Marco developed his signature style Yoga what we know today as YogaQiFlow – a very intuitive way of practice, making Yoga not just a healing tool, but a personal piece of art.