Qi Gong in Tenerife

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong has his roots in China and goes back about 5000 years ago. “Qi” means vital energy or life force and is found in every living being on the planet, plants, humans & animals. “Gong” means to work or to be skilled with something. Putting them together we can understand it’s about “the skill art of moving Qi or the mastery of moving vital energy in your body” for physical and mental well being. Different physical exercises are performed  to enhance ‘Qi Flow’ in the body, calm down the mind and nourish the soul.

Marco's Qi Gong history

Marco’s Qi Gong journey started about 8 years ago in LAHU Village (Northern Thailand). Qi Gong was offered as a preparation for the Thai Yoga Massage practice to feel our own Life Force Energy in order to eventually feel someone else’s. He studied more Qi Gong & Tai Chi in San Diego (CA) in College, also for improving body mechanics and become more conscious for the Bodywork practice. After practicing and studying for many years, Marco deepened his Qi Gong studies in 2019 with a Qi Gong Teacher Training in Bali, diving also deeper into the vastness knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Qi Gong has brought more presence, self awareness, balance and love in Marco’s practice and Life as a whole, that Qi Gong plays today a major role in his style of Yoga and Bodywork.