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Online Courses

Marco Bartolomeo

Study comfortably from home and nourish body, mind & spirit. I’m currently developing a few Online Courses for Qi Gong, Yoga Qi Flow and Soul in Touch Bodywork. Stay tuned for the release.

Private Online Classes

In case you want to deepen your practice having personal attention, Private Online Yoga & Private Online Qi Gong Classes are a great way to receive tailored sessions and get results even faster.

In order to book your day & time of your private session, please send me a WhatsApp.

How to connect to your private online Qi Gong class?


1. Book your Online Class over the Price Tables by clicking sign up and paying the chosen class/package easy with PayPal.
2. Go to Zoom and create your personal account for free.
3. I will send you a meeting-link via e-mail, latest 30 min before class start time.
4. Sign into your zoom account with your electronic device of your choice (laptop, phone, tablet).
5. Open the e-mail, that I sent you and click on the meeting Link.