My Story

Marco Bartolomeo

I’m Italian, and grew up in Munich (Germany). Been connected to sports and their meditative aspects my whole life, and started at an early age playing soccer in a professional team.

After finishing my professional formation as an industrial clerk, I worked over 10 years in Sales and Consultancy. Realizing I was more a “human doing” as a “human being”, I decided not wanting to be anymore part of the corporate business world, and stepped out of my comfort zone to find my true self and what would be my purpose in life. This event guided me eventually to my first Thai Yoga Massage Course in the jungle of northern Thailand, where I studied with several teachers, diving deeper into the world of Yoga & Thai Massage. Fascinated by the art of ancient healing touch, I travelled to San Diego (CA) to study Holistic Health, Bodywork , Yoga & Qi Gong.

Fusing them all together, I developed my own style of bodywork healing therapy called “Soul in Touch” I love to share. I also created my signature style Yoga, called YogaQiFlow, a unique blend of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Qi Gong, following a spiritual approach, to allow the inner teacher to become alive. I like to support each of my students to get inspired by their own presence, and unite the softness (YIN) with the strength (YANG) we all hold in us.

I felt, that connecting people again to themselves and to their natural beings will be my Life Mission. Today I’m a Holistic Health Professional, a Bodyworker, Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher, offering classes, workshops and trainings in my home base Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) and also around the globe. I committed of being a life long spiritual student, exploring myself in the holistic field day by day and being at service to my community.

Video Testimonials for the Thai Yoga Bodywork Course

What people say about Marco's teaching:

"Marco is a very knowledgable teacher and I loved his Qi Gong and Thai Massage Classes. They were always very inspiring and I could really feel that he is teaching from his heart. His classes are always very well structured and therefore easy to follow. During the entire one month Thai Massage Circus Retreat, he held the space for us students and was constantly making sure, that everyone is being heard and comfortable. I would definitely join another course and can highly recommend him to everyone."
"During the whole month of February at the Thai Massage Circus in February 2020 in Laos, I had the opportunity to study both, Qi Gong and Thai Yoga Massage with Marco. I was beyond impressed with his deep knowledge and spiritual practice in both of these modalities. I truly felt the unique wisdom in the way he would teach and how he stayed truthful to the ancient practice, both energetically and physically. I absolutely loved how he taught Qi Gong and made it simple for the beginner, and yet challenging for the more advanced, and it was such a nice way to clear the mind and mobilize our bodies before we began our Thai Massage practice for the day. His Thai Massage teaching was equally rewarding and so insightful in the simple way he would explain something very complex, and I was able to really absorb the knowledge and apply to my own practice later. I'd strongly recommend to learn from Marco for both, Qi Gong & Thai Yoga Massage as well as booking to receive a Thai Massage session. His touch is truly magical and healing."
"We have followed Marco around the world and participated in quite a few of his trainings whether Yoga, Qigong or Thai Yoga Bodywork, simply because he has all the precious qualities of what we consider being an ideal teacher: inspiring, highly knowledgeable, reassuring, caring and fully present to name just a few!!! He knows how to hold space for each participant with benevolence and enable them to reach their full potential. In his yoga qigong classes, Marco skill fully honors each individual art, conveys the essence of each practice with great precision and blends them together to create a unique, soft yet deep and powerful flow, he calls YogaQiFlow. We can only highly recommend his courses and trainings!"
"I took part in the Thai Massage Circus intensive training with Marco during which he taught main parts of the Thai Massage material and additionally prepared us in morning classes with Qi Gong and Yoga Qi Flow for these sessions. Later I also took further online courses with him. Marco has a profound holistic view on bodywork which I highly appreciate. He can perfectly cue and explain techniques on a structural level and also facilitate healing for the emotional and energetic body. I did benefit a lot from Marco’s classes, particularly because of his presence and integrity, clarity and compassion. I can highly recommend him as a teacher for Thai Massage, Qi Gong and YogaQiFlow."