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Soul in Touch Bodywork

Marco has poured all is experience and knowledge to create not just a “Bodywork Course”, but an experience you will keep in your heart & soul. By building community and connection, we learn from each other and therefore a lot about ourselves. We go together onto a journey of self-discovery, playfulness and Joy, learning how to be mindful to ourselves, so we can be mindful and kind in our Touch to others. Self-healing will be a huge part of the Bodywork Courses, using tools like mantra chanting, sharing circles, dancing, the ancient practices of Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation and of course giving and receiving Bodywork every day. Using all these tools of self-healing, we will be cultivating presence & awareness, which is the treasure to love truly. The more present & aware we become the more Qi (Energy) we will feel, the more powerful our Touch becomes. Our Bodywork Trainings are designed for you to be open to outcome rather than expecting a specific result. Being open to outcome means to be present & increase awareness to what is. Once you are standing in your own presence, you know exactly what to do with the techniques and tools we offered to you. Your inner Teacher, yourself, become alive, to shine and to become your true self.

Course dates

  • 9 – 16 October, 2021 – 70 hour Soul in Touch Thai Yoga Bodywork Course @ Finca Altavista, Tenerife South – for detailed information, pricing and availability about this course, please click here.
  • 26 September, 10:00 – 14:00 hs – 4 hour Conscious Touch Workshop in Granadilla. For detailed info please click here.

50 hour YTTC - Yogaqiflow & the 7 Chakras

YogaQiFlow is Marco’s signature style Yoga, that he has been exploring in his practice since 2012. Blending the ancient yogic and chinese medicine traditions for a divine blend as Yoga asanas seem to be fed by the Qi, that the Qi Gong practice supplies.

After having had such positive respond on my Yoga Classes,  I decided to offer a possibility for 200 hour Yoga Teacher Graduates and all Yoga practitioners to study this graceful but at the same time powerful way of practicing. 

We will look at the interrelation of the Ayurvedic and the chinese medicine system as well as the link of the 7 Chakras from the yogic and the 5 Spirits from the chinese medicine tradition.

Pre- requesite for this 50 hour YTTC is having completed a 200 hour YTTC or a minimum of 1 year of regular Yoga practice of any style (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin etc) 

Course dates

more info coming soon

Qi Gong

Marco’s Qi Gong Courses go beyond the physical body and connect to your precious gem, which lies deep inside in your being. This practice introduces you to a ‘NEW YOU’, feeling the Life Force within you. 

In any course, we observe first the way we walk and how we can improve body mechanics so we walk more energy efficient and muscle skeleton friendly, followed by learning how to stand for the Qi Gong movement exercises.

Marco’s Qi Gong Courses are well structured, have a beautiful mix of theory and physical activity as well as meditative and social moments, without forgetting the high educational part of the course.

Course dates

more info coming soon


YogaQiFlow, Qi Gong & Bodywork

Marco’s Retreats offer a mix of deep relaxation, slowing down the pace of life and observing yourself from a different angle. 

Marco’s vision is to connect people again to themselves and others, feeling trust, self love and compassion and enjoying their time with us in a playful and at the same time effective way for body, mind & soul.

By leaving your comfort zone, and offering yourself to the community, you will learn different tools which will  allow you to be in the present moment and connect with your true self. The fog above your mind will subside and you will be able to see clearly your pure essence, your being.

Marco has hosted a number of retreats for many years and decided to design a program which touches not just your physical body, but also your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Through his extensive travels and studies of Yoga, Qi Gong, & Bodywork, he has developed a perfect fusion in between those healing arts, creating relaxing and energizing moments, guiding you onto your individual transformational path to enjoy your Yoga Holiday on different levels.

Marco’s life mission is to unite souls worldwide together and connect them to themselves and others.

Retreat dates

  • no retreats are offered at the moment